Constitutional Literacy Workbook to the 25-Part DVD Series

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Constitutional Literacy Workbook to the 25-Part DVD Series

Designed to accompany the Constitutional Literacy DVDs (sold-separately), this workbook will help you turn the 25-part DVD series into a full high-school level course.

The Constitution is the document that's guided the development of the United States of America from its inception. It was formed by the Founding Fathers by the authority of the people, and it was expected that "We the People" would be vigilant to protect and defend its contents and abide by its restrictions on power.

Written from a Constitutionally Conservative perspective, this course will guide students to understand that our current judicial system is not following the rule of law-meaning that courts follow a fixed and knowable meaning of each written document, based upon the original meaning of the document.

Dr. Michael Farris, founder and chancellor of Patrick Henry College and chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association, brings the U.S. Constitution to life for modern Americans by examining these questions: What does the Constitution actually say? What does it mean? What were the Founders' intentions for this document? And how is it being interpreted to shape our laws and way of life today?

Students will first read the workbook chapter, then watch the DVD lecture with the workbook, pausing and answering questions as they watch the video. The rate of one episode per week is recommended so that the course can be finished in less than 9 months. Lessons contain the following segments:


  • Purpose: lists objectives


  • Parlance: lists legal terminology with space to copy the definition of each word
  • Preamble: the topic introduction with historical background or framed in the context of everyday life
  • Ponder: a digging deeper section that tests knowledge and comprehension with study questions
  • Payoff: a summarization of the issues and arguments
  • Probe: assignments to self-explore how concepts relate to contemporary issues

A link to all of the online answers for the study questions is included. Parents may wish to note that two chapters deal with abortion and homosexual rights and are inappropriate for younger students. 349 pages, softcover, spiralbound, with glossary and copy of the Constitution included. NIV and KJV Scripture used. Non-reproducible, consumable workbook. Grades 9-12.

    • Age Level = 14 and up
    • Book Author = Michael Farris
    • Book Material = Spiral Bound
    • Book Publisher = Apologia
    • Copyright = c2014
    • Grade Level = High School

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