The Complete Reference Book of Phonics and Spelling

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The ABC's and All Their Tricks by Margaret M. Bishop is a practical, detailed reference book to help you teach phonics and spelling. Chapters include letter names and sounds, syllables, root words, vowel teams, silent vowel letters, consonant sounds and letters, consonant teams, and consonant blends, and other helpful information. The bulk of the book is an alphabetical listing of letters that allows teachers to easily look up information on k or ch, for example. Entries include lists of example words as well as any pertinent information or sp elling/phonics rules. 342 pages, softcover.
    • Age Level = Adult
    • Book Author = Margaret M. Bishop
    • Book Material = Hardback
    • Book Publisher = Mott Media
    • Copyright = c1986
    • Grade Level = Teacher
    • Condition = Used- Good

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