What Are the Creatives? Boxed Set of 25 Illustrated Books

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What  Are the Creatives?  

Boxed Set  of 25 Illustrated Books  

Learn about art, literature, music, and film through the lives of some of history’s most renowned creatives in this exclusive boxed set! Including 25 titles from the popular Who HQ series. Readers can learn about abstract art from Pablo Picasso, rock and roll with Elvis Presley, and much more. A great set for creative young readers who are eager to explore their own passions!


  • Who Was William Shakespeare? 
  • Who Was Jane Austen? 
  • Who Was Frank Lloyd Wright?
  • Who Was Pablo Picasso? 
  • Who Was Alfred Hitchcock? 
  • Who Was Louis Armstrong? 
  • Who Was Frida Kahlo? 
  • Who Was Lucille Ball? 
  • Who Was Roald Dahl? 
  • Who Was Celia Cruz? 
  • Who Was Andy Warhol? 
  • Who Was Maya Angelou? 
  • Who Was Elvis Presley? 
  • Who Was Jim Henson? 
  • Who Was Bruce Lee?
  • Who Were The Beatles?
  • Who Was Aretha Franklin? 
  • Who Is Dolly Parton? 
  • Who Is George Lucas? 
  • Who Was Bob Marley? 
  • Who Is Elton John? 
  • Who Is Stevie Wonder? 
  • Who Was Selena? 
  • Who Was Claude Monet? 
  • Who Is Jeff Kinney?


  • Age Level = 12 and up
  • Book Material = Box Set
  • Book Publisher = Penguin Random House
  • Book Series = Who HQ Book
  • Grade Level = 7th and up
  • Condition = New

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