What is Science & Technology? Boxed Set of 25 Illustrated Books

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What is Science & Technology?  


Learn about science and technology by exploring key figures, moments, and important concepts in this exclusive, collectible boxed set! Dive into these 25 books to learn about everything from Thomas Edison to climate change and more. The perfect gift to introduce young readers to the scientific world or for educational family reading.

  • Format: Paperback

  • Who is Jane Goodall?
  • Who was Sally Ride?
  • Who was Clara Barton?
  • Who was Marie Curie?
  • Who was Rachel Carson?
  • Who was Albert Einstein?
  • Who was Charles Darwin?
  • Who was Thomas Alva Edison?
  • Who was Steve Jobs?
  • Who is Bill Gates?
  • Who was Alexander Graham Bell?
  • Who were The Wright Brothers?
  • Who was Henry Ford?
  • Who was Isaac Newton?
  • Who was Galileo?
  • Who was Jacques Cousteau?
  • Who was Steve Irwin?
  • Who was Jules Verne?
  • What was The Age of the Dinos?
  • What was The Ice Age?
  • Where is our Solar System?
  • What is Climate Change?
  • Who was Nikola Tesla?
  • What is NASA?
  • Who was Stephen Hawking?


  • Age Level = 12 and up
  • Book Material = Box Set
  • Book Publisher = Penguin Random House
  • Book Series = Who HQ Book
  • Grade Level = 7th and up
  • Condition = New

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