BF Medieval History Senior High

By reading some of the best literature on the subject, homeschooling students and parents will be encouraged to discuss the new ideas and social changes that emerged during the period from 400 to 1522 A.D. Although many people have been taught that this time was marked by darkness, ignorance, and struggle, this guide will show you that the opposite is true!

Teacher guide, designed for 10-12th grade, contains background information, links to websites, hands-on activities, discussions questions, writing assignments, answer key, vocabulary words, and mapping activities that will bring the Middle Ages to life. Rich period literature will demonstrate that the Medieval era was a time when people were forming ideas that still impact us today. It was also a time of exciting discoveries, new innovations, and wonderful stories.

Reading Beowulf will open homeschool student's eyes to the terrors of living under the threat of Viking raids. The Song of Roland provides a glimpse into the mores and ethics of a time where the concepts of chivalry were just developing. The story of William Wallace reveals a passionate love of liberty that we still find heroic today. Travel with Marco Polo on his travels through Asia, learn the songs, hymns, and creeds of the religious beliefs of people who lived over 1500 years ago, learn about Martin Luther, King John, King Arthur, Saladin, Queen Eleanor, Joan of Arc, Shahrazad, Marco Polo, Peter Abelard, Geoffrey Chaucer and many others.

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