BF U.S. Geography Primary

U.S. Geography jumps off the page with this literature-based study. Follow a mountain-climbing grandmother, fruit-tree hauling pioneers, a homesick city boy in a desert and many more interesting characters as they lead you on journeys around the United States.

Encourage your young student’s love of adventure and curiosity about the world around them with this gentle study that incorporates hilarious and heartwarming stories, discussion questions, hands-on activities, recipes, field-trip suggestions, video links, websites and more.

From tundra to volcanoes, beaches to deserts, mountains to badlands, students will learn geographic terms, functional mapping skills, and how to use a compass. This teacher’s guide provides weekly lessons that weave all these elements into a rich, enjoyable, and inspiring study.

At the end of the course, students will have a rich foundational understanding of United State geography, state symbols, directions, and mapping. Most importantly, we hope that this course inspires you and your students to get outside to see and experience all the natural beauty this nation offers.
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