Consignment Information

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UPDATED: 2/8/2024

This Consignment Agreement is entered into on ___________ by and between Dailey Bread Book Nook LLC (“Consignee”), located at 15238 State Route 351 E., Henderson, Kentucky 42420, and ____________________________ (“Consignor”) located at                   __________________________ (street), ______________ (city). _____________(state), and ______________ (zipcode). 

Agreement to Sell

In accordance with this Agreement, the Consignor grants Dailey Bread Book Nook LLC an exclusive right to display and sell the mutually agreed upon item(s), pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. 

Dailey Bread Book Nook LLC agrees to place on display the mutually agreed upon item(s) in a prominent area within the store premises and at times on their website, 

The sale price of all items and terms of said sale shall be determined by the consignee. The consigned items are priced depending upon retail price and condition of the consigned items. Consignee has the ability to offer sales and discounts on all consigned items.

Proceeds and Terms of Sales

The Consignee, Dailey Bread Book Nook LLC, shall be entitled to retain 50% of all proceeds from the sale of each item consigned plus a minimal processing/stocking fee. Consignors who choose to use store credit receive an additional 25% bonus.

Please choose a form of payout.

  1. The Consignee, Dailey Bread Book Nook LLC, shall submit a payment for the full amount of the sale price, less the aforementioned agreed upon 50%, to the Consignor at the end of the calendar year or upon request. The Consignor shall be paid their portion of the proceeds, 50% of the sale price, not to include any processing/stocking fees or applicable sales tax. Both the Consignee and the Consignor agree the payments shall be made in the form of a personal check.
  2. The Consignee, Dailey Bread Book Nook LLC, shall apply a store credit for the full 50% of the sale price, not to include any processing/stocking fees or applicable sales tax. Payments will be distributed through store credit at the time of an instore purchase plus the additional 25% bonus for supporting small business. 

The Consignee shall retain possession and control of the consigned merchandise for a minimum period of 730 days, beginning on the aforementioned agreement date. 

Prior to or upon delivery of the merchandise, the Consignor shall write their assigned number and the date of drop off on the inside upper right corner of each item brought in for consignment. 

Consignors are requested to send by mail or bring in clean books and materials to the store during regular store hours. Any items needing cleaning or mending will be charged an additional 10% consignor fee.  Any items deemed by Dailey Bread not pertaining to Home Schooling or Christian materials will be disposed of at the store's discretion.  Any items that do not fit our qualifications of standards will be disposed of as well. 

  • Items will be priced or reduced in price at the store's discretion. We strive to set reasonable prices that allow a savings for our customers and still make money for our consignors. Items that are current will be priced at 25% off the retail price but less than CBD at their sale price.  Older items are priced according to our research of the item's market value.
  • Consignment is 50/50 for all cash payouts. If you choose to use your consignment for credit, you will receive a 25% bonus which will be added to your account toward store purchase.  All bookkeeping is done by computer.  Upon entering consignor's information, the computer assigns a number for each consignor.  We do ask that once given a number, you add this number to all items on the inside front page on the right side.  If it is impossible, please add cellophane tape to the back of the item and write the number on this.  The consignor number and each item number are printed on a label with a bar code.  When the bar code is scanned at the point of sale, the consignor's account is credited.  (We are still working on entering all media in the computer.  For now, they will all have the code written in the inside cover along with the account number).
  • Emails will be sent to consignors with a list of items sold along with the credit amount as well as the cash amount upon request. We try to balance all items due in the fall when sales are slower. I am attempting to follow this, but I am having a difficult time keeping up with sending out notices. Please feel free to contact us at any time for your totals.  A fee of $1.00 will be assessed for this service to cover postage and handling.  Consignors may come by the store during regular business hours for payment or use their credit towards a purchase therefore earning their bonus.
  • The consignment period is 730 days.  Items not sold within this time will be disposed of at the store's discretion or become the property of Dailey Bread.  NO NOTICES WILL BE SENT!  A consignor who desires the return of any unsold items must remove them within two weeks of their expiration.  Items removed out of consignment will be charged $1.00 per item to cover processing and handling fees. Any consignor that continues bringing in items for consignment will not be counted for the time period until they no longer bring in items.
  • Dailey Bread is not responsible for consigned items that are lost, stolen or damaged by fire, water or customers.
  • We strive to provide quality and variety rather than a mass of merchandise. While processing and tagging materials, we sometimes find materials that are badly worn, written in, or having pages missing: these items will be discarded at the store's discretion. 
  • It is the consignor's responsibility to notify Dailey Bread of any changes of address. Checks mailed and then returned because of insufficient address or marked "returned to sender" will be assessed a $3.00 bookkeeping fee. It is the responsibility of the consignor to keep in touch with Dailey Bread.










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