Our 50 States

Coming Summer 2020

Imagine taking your kids on a journey from the blueberry fields of Maine to the volcanoes of Hawaii. Imagine showing them the wonders of God's creation from Elephant Rock in Nevada's Valley of Fire to the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. Imagine taking them to the capital cities of each of our 50 states. Imagine laughing with them as you learn the story of how Wyoming became home to the Jackalope.

Wouldn't they have fun visiting the Frog Capital of the World in Rayne, Louisiana, and the Fire Hydrant Capital of the World in Albertville, Alabama? Wouldn't you like them to hear songs and poems that reflect the history and culture of each state in our country? Wouldn't you love to introduce them to a cranberry farming family in Massachusetts, a beekeeper in North Dakota, and the first elected female chief of the Seminole nation who was a firm believer in Jesus?


Our 50 States from Notgrass History takes elementary students on a journey across our country, introducing them to the natural wonders, the fascinating places, the factories, the farms, and the people that make America. Students learn poems and songs that reflect the history and culture of each state. They learn the stories of real, everyday Americans--from historic figures to modern-day farmers. Illustrated with stunning photographs, Our 50 States helps your family appreciate the geographic and cultural variety within our country.

Our 50 States offers ideas for simple recipes, crafts, and activities your families will love. Suggested literature titles further enhance your family's study of Our 50 States.

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