Medieval BiblioPlan

A Literature-Based Study of Medieval History for K-12! Families learning alongside one another.

BiblioPlan Year Two covers World and Church History from the Fall of Rome through the Renaissance. Chronologically speaking, it starts with the demise of the last Western Roman Emperor in AD 476, and ends around 1600.

On the World History side, Year Two starts with a review of the Roman Empire. The first fifteen weeks focus on Western Europe, with side trips to the Middle East for the rise of Islam and the Holy Land Crusades. Then come several weeks in Asia, with chapters on India, China, Japan, Mongolia and more. After a chapter on medieval Africa, Year Two moves on to the Age of Exploration, Christopher Columbus and the conquistadors. Then come three weeks on the Protestant Reformation, the Renaissance in Art and the Renaissance in Science. We end the year back in Western Europe, where we spend four weeks with King Henry VIII of England and his three children: Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I.

On the Church History side, Year Two starts with some of the early Christians who were martyred under the Roman Empire. Then come the monastic movement and the early days of the Roman Catholic Church. Controversies and schisms play a big part in Year Two. We cover the Great Schism between East and West, the Western Schism within the Church itself, and several others. We end the year with the biggest schism of all: the one that began with the Protestant Reformation.

The history lessons in BP Year Two start with the geography students need to understand those lessons. Since Year Two tells stories from around the globe, its geography spans the globe too. For example, our lessons on the Vikings start with the Vikings’ homeland around the Baltic Sea; and our lessons on Christopher Columbus start with the West Indies, where Columbus landed by mistake in 1492.