Exploring World Geography

Coming Summer 2020

Exploring World Geography by Ray Notgrass is a one-year high school course that describes and explains the world God created. Students will learn about mankind's interaction with the world both in the past and in the present. The curriculum addresses two main questions: How has the physical world made a difference in what people have done, how they have lived, and how they live today? How have people made a difference in the physical world, and how are they making a difference in it today?

Geography is where we live, and it impacts how we live. Geography affects us all. It affects the American soldier fighting on the desert mountains of Afghanistan. It helps explain how cotton became king in the pre-Civil War South. Geography is a significant reason why New York City is an international trade and immigration center. Geography is vital to understanding the modern Middle East.

The curriculum has 150 lessons. It includes maps, map activities, and original documents. The curriculum includes a literature and composition component. The Bible study component is a worldview course.

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