E-BOOKS Ancients BiblioPlan

A Literature-Based Study of Ancient History for K-12! Families learning alongside one another. (ELECTRONIC BOOKS)

BiblioPlan Year One covers World and Biblical History from Creation through the Fall of Rome. Chronologically speaking, it starts with the seven days of Creation, and ends with the demise of the last Western Roman Emperor in AD 476.

On the World History side, Year One starts with the four oldest known civilizations: Egyptian, Sumerian, Harappan and Chinese. It flows from there to the great empires of the Ancient Near East—from Egyptian and Akkadian to Assyrian, Babylonian, Hittite, Persian and more. Then come the Greco-Persian Wars, Classical Greece, the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. Mixed in are empires and cultures from China, India, the Americas, and Africa beyond Egypt.

On the Biblical History side, Year One covers both the Old Testament and the New. Since the events in the Bible all happened in ancient times, all our Biblical History falls in Year One. Later years cover Church History and Christian missions.

BP geography goes hand-in-hand with history. Since most of BP Year One happens around the Mediterranean Sea, most of our geography also centers on the Mediterranean.