101 Favorite Stories from the Bible

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101 Favorite Stories from the Bible


For Ages 8-10

The parting of the Red Sea, David ad Goliath, Jesus and the Samaritan woman, Lazarus being raised from the dead-- these stories and many others form a solid foundation for children learning about the Bible for the first time. As children learn about their faith and hear these exciting stories, the Bible truly comes alive for them. The colorful illustrations included with each story will be loved by children of all ages and provide a solid image in children's minds to establish the reality of the stories. 


  • Age Level = 5 and up
  • Book Material = Hardback
  • Book Publisher = Master Books
  • Book Series = Language Lessons
  • Copyright = c1994
  • Edition = 2006
  • Grade Level = Elementary
  • Subject = Bible

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