AAR Level 4 Student Packet (Color)

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AAR Level Four Student Packet



  • The full-color Soar with reading activity book, which includes an eagle-themed progress chart to track your student's progress; a read-aloud record to track the books you and your student have read; illustrated activity sheets, including games, activities, Word Flippers, and comprehension-building exercises; Practice Sheets filled with new words, review words, phrases, and sentences; and an eagle-themed Certificate of Achievement
  • 76 perforated Phonogram Cards
  • 350 perforated Word Cards
  • 10 Reading Syllable Tags
  • Prefix and Suffix Tiles
  • Advanced Phonogram Tiles
  • Magnets for Tiles
  • Wonderful Weather Stickers 

    • Book Material = Paperback
    • Copyright = c2019
    • Age Level = 4th and up
    • Book Publisher = All About Learning

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