Adventures in Physical World Level 2

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Adventures in Physical World Level 2

For Ages 6-8

Adventures in the Physical World is an early elementary science curriculum designed to instill a love for science and bring the Bible to life. Through hands-on investigations and biblically inspired stories, students will explore and experience God’s fascinating world as they study energy, force, simple machines, matter, astronomy, meteorology, and geology. Their faith will grow as they discover they learn that science supports what they read in the Bible.

Adventures in the Physical World is hands-on fun, easy to prepare for, and it will encourage your student’s curiosity! Second grade level students can complete the lessons in approximately 20 minutes. This one-year course is designed to be studied three times a week.


  • Age Level = 5 and up
  • Book Author = Carrie Lindquist
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Master Books
  • Copyright = c2020
  • Grade Level = Primary

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