Adventures on Planet Earth Level 3

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Adventures on Planet Earth Level 3

Spanning topics from ecology to stewardship of our world, students will learn about trees, the food chain, biomes, and animals such as birds, sloths, elephants, and more. Designed to include hidden treasures of Scripture that students can share as they work through the course, students will also enjoy:

  • Conversational lessons, Apply It opportunities, and Digging Deeper into topics, while writing and drawing in their own Science Notebook.
  • A helpful course calendar and materials list to make completing the course easier.
  • Vocabulary words highlighted throughout.
  • Creating their own models of the biomes!

OVERVIEW: Presented as a conversation between siblings Ben and Hannah, Let’s Talk Science 3: Adventures on Planet Earth is an exciting and easy-to-use science course. Your learners will discover unique and interesting places on our planet, as well as expand their vocabulary and develop a deeper understanding of God as Creator and His Word. The exciting course is hands-on, easy to prepare for, and fun, and it will encourage your student’s curiosity!

    • Age Level = 7-9
    • Book Author = Carrie Lindquist
    • Book Material = Paperback
    • Book Publisher = Master Books
    • Book Series = Adventurer Series
    • Copyright = c2021
    • Grade Level = 1-3

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