All About Spelling Level 3: Student

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All About Spelling Level 3: Student 

One Student Packet is included with each purchase of All About Spelling Level 3. Each packet includes:

Four sets of flashcards that help your student learn and review phonograms, words, and spelling rules. Flashcards are printed on sturdy cardstock, ready to be separated on the micro-perforations.
Phonogram Cards for learning to read the phonograms
Sound Cards for learning to write the phonograms
Key Cards for learning the spelling rules
Word Cards for mastering the spelling words
A Silent E Book that enables the student to easily recognize, categorize, and internalize the jobs of Silent E.
A Homophones List that helps the student learn to use the correct homophone in his own writing.
A set of Suffix Tiles that are a different size and color than the letter tiles, so your student can easily recognize and choose the correct suffix when building new words.
A Syllable Division Rules Chart that helps your student recognize, internalize, and apply the rules for dividing words.
Five Word Banks that reinforce certain spelling concepts and improve your student's visual memory of words with a particular sound.
A Jail for Rule Breakers that offers an interactive and memorable way to learn how to spell words that don't follow the rules.
Additional materials such as the 1-1-1 Rule Chart, the ED Word Sheet, and Heading Labels for organizing the letter tiles.
Progress chart to keep track of completed lessons.
Private Eye Pawprint stickers to mark the progress chart.
Completion certificate to celebrate your student's success.
The Level 3 Student Packet must be used in conjunction with the Level 3 Teacher's Manual. 

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