Master Books American History Student

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Master Books American History Student 

An intensive Examination of American history for the Christian high school student.

This series from respected educator Dr. James Stobaugh takes you on a journey through history without the filters of revisionist or anti-Christian perspectives.  American History invites students to be historians by helping them look at ths sources and scholarship available to make informed conclusions.  Study the lives of Pilgrims and Puritans seeking religious freedom, philosophers who changed the way people interpreted the world, rebels who fought for the country's independence, and those who ultimately helped win freedom for people around the globe.  Also, delve into current-day social issues that continue to shape the United States as a nation, including civil rights, ecology, and abortion. 

Historical content covered in the volume includes:

Natives of the new world, early explorers, and seekers of religious freedom.

Colonial life, causes of the American Revolution, and the U.S. Constitution.

Revivalism, America at war, and the foundations of the Christian Worldview.

  • Age Level = 14 and up
  • Book Author = James Stobaugh
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Master Books
  • Copyright = c2012
  • Edition = 2020
  • Grade Level = High School
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