Ancient History Literature Guide High School

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Ancient History: A Literature Approach for High School


 This teacher guide will take you and your high school level student from the beginnings of civilization in Mesopotamia and Sumer, on to ancient Egypt, through the wanderings of the Jews and the splitting of the Israelites into the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah, to the Yellow River and the first Emperor of China, through the Indus Valley and its incredible flourishing, to the cradle of democracy, ancient Greece, and into the Roman Empire and the birth of Christianity. This guide delves deep into the beliefs and ideas that motivated our ancestors to create, to worship, to conquer and to love. Comparative studies between the religious systems of Egypt, India, China, Greece, Rome, Israel, and the development of Christianity provide essential perspective in understanding how each culture is directly shaped by what it takes to be true. Compare how creation narratives contribute to the understanding of human value, how myth both reflects and shapes history, how story ties all of humanity together.  

  • Age Level = 14 and up
  • Book Author = Rebecca Berg Manor
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Beautiful Feet Bks
  • Copyright = c2019
  • Grade Level = High School

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