Andi Dreams of Gold #5 Stepping Stones

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Andi Dreams of Gold #5 Stepping Stones


Andi Carter has gold fever! Someone near town has struck it rich. Now Andi can't stop wondering if there might be some of the glittery metal in the creeks on the Circle C ranch. Her brothers agree that she might find something that sparkles. But they laugh whenever they talk about it. Andi is determined--when she finds gold, she'll be the one laughing!

Her friend Cory is excited to track down treasure too, and together they set off on an adventure. Panning for gold is cold, wet, tiring work. But Andi and Cory won't give up.

Success! Just when they discover what they're looking for, real trouble shows up: a spring storm, a missing horse, and a frightening bear. And those are just the beginning.


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  • Age Level = 7-10
  • Book Author = Susan K. Marlow
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Circle C.
  • Book Series = Stepping Stones
  • Copyright = c2018
  • Grade Level = 2 and up
  • Condition = New

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Category: Stepping Stones