Assassins in the Cathedral: Festo Kivengere

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Assassins in the Cathedral: Festo Kivengere

With the help of Uganda's famous evangelist Festo Kivengere, Yacobo Kabaza and his family move to the Ugandan capital, Kampala, where Yacobo's father will be the new driver for Arch-bishop Luwum. As part of the cathedral's upcoming Centennial celebration, the archbishop asks Yacobo, asn aspiring author, to write a play about the legendary three boys who became Uganda's first Christian martyrs. The young teenager is thrilled.

However the growing reign of terror of General Idi Amin and his "Special Forces," who falsely suspect the church of helping the rebels, overshadows Yacobo's excitement. When the arch-bishop doesn't return from a meeting with Amin, officials claim he died in a "car accident." Kivengere is forced to flee the country. But the church bravely goes on with preparations for the Centennial, and Yacobo's play begins rehearsals, with his brother, Blasio, playing the youngest martyr. As the Special Forces circle closer, and the legend of the martyrs becomes alarmingly real, will Yacobo have the strength to survive? 


  • Age Level = 8-12
  • Book Author = Dave & Neta Jackson
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Castle Rock Creative
  • Book Series = Trailblazers
  • Copyright = c1999
  • Edition = 2016
  • Grade Level = Juvenile
  • Illustrator = Julian Jackson
  • Condition = New

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