Bede's History of Me

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Bede's History of Me

Bede (pronounced like "bead") is a timeline ... who strongly resembles a ball of yarn. This lovable character introduces young children to the basics of history in a fun way or once a week or all year long. Topics include: how a timeline works, family history, the history of holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc.), the history of toys, the history of sports, and more. Even a little Church history is included! History is, in a sense, a compilation of all of the victories and failures of humankind as God leads us. It is important that students not only understand the events of the past, but the significance of how those events affect their own lives. This appreciation of history will help them shape their future. Bede's History of Me lays a groundwork for later years of study. A second volume is also available. This is a home run.  

  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Veritas Press
  • Copyright = c2013
  • Grade Level = Primary
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