Bede's History of Us

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Bede's History of Us

Bede (pronounced "bead") is an adorable timeline resembling a ball of yarn who teaches children about history in fun workbooks. In Bede's History of US 1st graders are introduced to American history. Topics include: Columbus Day, the Great Awakening, George Washington, Ben Franklin, Lewis and Clark, Abraham Lincoln, the Wild West, the history of flight, the history of inventions, famous American artists, and more. This is the perfect preparation for serious history study for when students are ready. Also included is an in-depth, state history lapbook project. This volume builds nicely on Bede's History of ME (#000090). Did we mention this is a home run? 

  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Veritas Press
  • Copyright = c2013
  • Grade Level = Primary
  • Condition = New

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