Catch on to Cursive

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Catch On to Cursive, A Whole Child Arppoach to Cursive Penmanship


There are so many benefits of learning to write in cursive! Cursive writing has been shown to have a positive influence on children’s spelling, their composition skills, motor skills, and word recall. It has also been shown to support the reading and writing skills of students with dyslexia. Catch on to Cursive is a 36-week, elementary-level course that includes two schedules, so younger and older students will both benefit from the material.

Your student will join Skeeter, Anna, and Susie on a fun writing and fishing adventure. Through full-color worksheets and exercises, your student will learn to recognize and create precise letters. This unique, whole-child approach is a fun and unforgettable way to learn cursive penmanship.

Within the course, your students will:

  • Earn badges for their work
  • Complete fun activities and projects to develop muscle control
  • Review each letter throughout the course
  • Learn attributes of Christ’s disciples as fishers of men
  • Grow spiritually
  • Experience the wonder of God’s creation

Every letter will be covered for three days. On the third day, there is a weigh-in section, and every few weeks, students will participate in a Fishing Derby or Gear Up activities where they review letters they have learned up to that point. This gives a fun way for built-in review and builds up their confidence. Watch for Weigh-In challenges throughout the course so they can complete the challenges.


  • Age Level = 8 and up
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  • Grade Level = 3-8
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