Caught in the Rebel Camp

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Caught in the Rebel Camp: Frederick Douglass

The Civil War has just begun, and the controversy between the North and the South continues to heat up. Everybody seems to be getting into the action- except for Danny Sims. Danny wants nothing more than to fight with the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry, Frederick Douglass's newly formed black regiment. But his young age and a lame foot keep Danny from enlisting. The boy feels good for nothing until Frederick Douglass recommends Danny as the caretaker of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw's horses. Danny knows the importance of this task, and he's confident he will do an excellent job.

But when the colonel's own horse escapes one night, Danny goes after him, only to find himself inside the Confederate soldiers' fort. In terror, he remembers the Fifty-Fourth's plans of immediate attack- what if the battle begins while he is inside? When Danny sees that the Confederates are making their own plans for the attack, Danny realizes that the Union soldiers are being set up for a trap! Can Danny escape in time to warn his troops?

A crippled boy has no place in the war... does he? 

  • Age Level = 8-12
  • Book Author = Dave & Neta Jackson
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Castle Rock Creative
  • Book Series = Trailblazers
  • Copyright = c2003
  • Edition = 2016
  • Grade Level = Juvenile
  • Illustrator = Anne Gavitt
  • Condition = New

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