Character Companion for the Miller Family Series

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Character Companion for the Miller Family Series

This storybook is a companion to the storybooks in the Miller Family Series. It is designed to help children of all ages apply the truth of God's word to their daily lives. You can make this workbook adaptable to various ages by using some or all of the activities.

  • 50 character qualities to instill into your child's life!
  • Related Bible verses to build on
  • Story references from each of the Miller Family storybooks to reinforce the character quality
  • Synonym and Antonym exercises
  • Character quality matching exercises
  • Word building practice
  • Opportunities to expound Scripture

Focusing on one character quality for about a week provides opportunity to enjoy the suggested Miller stories and to apply the Scriptures studied.

    • Age Level = 5 and up
    • Book Author = Kristyn Hage
    • Book Material = Paperback
    • Book Publisher = Green Pastures Press
    • Copyright = c2013
    • Edition = 2015
    • Grade Level = Elementary

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