Comparative Religions: Teacher Guide

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Comparative Religions: Practical Apologetics for the Real World Teacher Guide 

The World Religions and Cults Teacher Guide is required for the completion of Master Books’ World Religions and Cults Curriculum Pack. This course offers homeschool high school students the strong apologetics foundation they need to identify a false religion and powerfully refute their tenets. Use this eye-opening course to prepare your family to face the anti-Christian giants in the world with a heart of compassion to share the Gospel.

The World Religions and Cults Teacher Guide provides a convenient daily schedule to help your 11th-12th grade students successfully complete this one-year Bible elective. Lessons are scheduled five days a week and should take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. 

  • Age Level = 16 AND UP
  • Book Author = Bodie Hodge
  • Book Material = Set
  • Book Publisher = Master Books
  • Book Series = World Religions
  • Copyright = c2018
  • Edition = 2020
  • Grade Level = 11-12
  • Condition = New
  • Subject = Bible

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