Early American History for 7th-9th Grades Teacher Guide

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Early American History for 7th-9th Grades Teacher Guide 

Founded upon the idea that men could join together to shape a "more perfect union," and determine how they were to be governed, the United States occupies a unique place in the history of the entire world. In this course, your student will be introduced to the key principles and concepts that shaped our nation. Beginning with the establishment of the Iroquois League of Peace nearly 1000 years ago and moving forward through the Age of Discovery, the colonial period, the Revolutionary War, and into the nineteenth century, the stories of the men and women who shaped our nation demonstrate the power of ideas.  

Your homeschooling student will read award-winning books that tell the story of our country from a rich array of voices, develop critical reasoning skills, and hone their ability to look at history from multiple perspectives. Genevieve Foster's "World" titles provide essential background information and can be used to expand this course to include world history using the included reference charts. Titles by Joseph Bruchac, Olaudah Equiano, Avi, James Daugherty, Andrea L. Rogers, Patricia C. McKissack and others tell the stories of courage, determination, sacrifice and character that shaped our national conscience and propel us to continue to pursue "a more perfect union." 

This teacher guide, designed for 7-9th grade homeschoolers, features assignments, research and creative writing projects, discussion and narration prompts to encourage critical thinking, curated reading lists for digging deeper, character connections, activities and handicraft, and more. This teacher's guide allows you, in the words of Charlotte Mason, to "spread a feast" for your child to delight in the accounts of great men and women and to learn from the triumphs and mistakes of the past.

•This curriculum contains 82 lessons.


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