Famous Women Civil War

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Famous Women of the Civil War Coloring Book

Concealing her gender from her comrades in arms, Frances Clalin served in the Union army as a "horse soldier" in the Missouri cavalry. Clara Barton delivered medical supplies to the battlefields and was later instrumental in founding the American Red Cross. Kady Brownell, a soldier's daughter, followed her husband to war in 1861 and became a vivandière (caregiver) and color bearer for the First Rhode Island regiment.
Thirty carefully rendered illustrations depict these and 27 other remarkable women from the North and South in settings that range from the battlefield to the White House. Informative captions highlight the roles and accomplishments of: Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin; Mary Edwards Walker, surgeon and Union spy; Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of the President; Jennie Hodgers, alias Albert Cashier, Union soldier; Mary Boykin Chesnut, Confederate diarist; Belle Boyd, Confederate spy; Dorothea Dix, Union Superintendent of Nurses; Pauline Cushman, actress and Union spy; Louisa May Alcott, nurse and author of Little Woman; Varina Howell Davis, wife of the Confederate President; and 20 others.
Entertaining and educational, this informative coloring book, with its ready-to-color pictures, is an ideal learning aid for home or classroom use. 

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