Fun with Hand Shadows

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Fun with Hand Shadows

This charming book shows you how to have fun with a pastime that has delighted children and adults for generations: making shadow pictures on the wall with your hands and fingers.
Selected from the pages of two clever 19th-century picture books, 28 hand-shadow illustrations demonstrate how to create marvelous images of a goose, deer (with antlers), birds, a bunny, a dog, an elephant, a tortoise, and a host of other familiar creatures. For extra enjoyment, the illustrations are accompanied by lively, often hilarious verses by Frank Jacobs, whose zany humor and wacky parodies have appeared in numerous publications.
With this book and a bit of practice , you'll soon be delighting friends and relatives with an entertaining performance of shadow art.

Dover Original. 

  • Age Level = 5 and up
  • Book Author = Frank Jacobs
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Dover Publications
  • Copyright = c1996
  • Edition = 2017
  • Grade Level = Elementary
  • Condition = New

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