Garbage: Investigate What Happens When You Throw It Out

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Encouraged to think about the choices they make that generate garbage in the first place, readers learn ways to reduce, reuse, recycle—and rethink their actions. Along the way, kids explore the science of garbology, discover fascinating information archaeologists learn by excavating middens, and use projects to investigate the world of trash. Activities include whipping up a delicious edible landfill, brewing natural dyes for a T-shirt, and comparing the effects of commercial and homemade cleaners.

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    • Age Level = 8 and up
    • Book Author = Donna Latham
    • Book Material = Paperback
    • Book Publisher = Nomad Press
    • Book Series = Build It Yourself
    • Copyright = c2011
    • Grade Level = Elementary
    • Illustrator = Beth Hetland

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