God's Great Covenant: Old Testament 1: Genesis to Ruth TE

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God's Great Covenant: Old Testament 1: Genesis to Ruth Teacher's Edition

A yearlong course for students in grades 3-6

God's Great Covenant Old Testament 1 Teacher's Edition contains the full content of the God's Great Covenant Old Testament 1 student edition, as well as answer keys for the worksheets and quizzes. In addition to this, the text incorporates additional factual information to expand upon the historical, geographical, cultural, and theological concepts introduced in the student edition.

The Bible tells us God’s story. It has many parts, but from beginning to end, it is one story with a promise throughout: “I will be your God, and you will be My people.” Through this story, we learn who God is, who mankind is, how the world came to be, and how God worked through history to bring redemption to His people. The God’s Great Covenant series will narrate this story for your student in an engaging and unique way.


  • Age Level = 9 and up
  • Book Author = Claire A. Larsen
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Classical Academic Press
  • Book Series = God's Great Covenant
  • Copyright = c2007
  • Edition = 2nd
  • Grade Level = Elementary

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