Graphic Novel: Frankenstein

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Graphic Novel: Frankenstein 

Man has long had the power to take life, but what will happen when he learns to give it? 

Intrigued by this question, young Victor Frankenstein – a devoted student of science – becomes obsessed with the idea of conjuring life out of ‘lifeless matter’. Using his formidable skills in chemistry and other sciences, Victor begins to assemble a being from scavenged and stolen body parts. 

Once he has fathered a son created by his own science, Victor rejects the hideous creature he has brought to life. Eventually, the creature mounts a campaign of revenge against his creator, struggling to be recognised as a thinking, feeling being. 

And so begins the battle between father and son… 


  • Age Level = 8 and up
  • Book Author = Mary Shelley
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Campfire
  • Book Series = Campfire Classics
  • Copyright = c2010
  • Grade Level = All
  • Illustrator = Naresh Kumar
  • Condition = New

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