Hollywood World Views

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Hollywood World Views: Watching Films with Wisdom & Discernment

Movies are, more often than not, an exercise in the suspension of disbelief. We allow the lights to dim around us and settle into comfortable seats while being compelled emotionally forward by the story-however implausible or contrived-that plays out in front of us.

Unfortunately we often suspend our beliefs as well, succumbing to subtle lessons in how to behave, think and even perceive reality. These are stories, after all, crafted by master storytellers with worldviews that inform how they distinguish between heroes and villains, between tragedy and comedy, and what ending qualifies as a happy one. Now thoroughly updated and expanded with significant recent releases, Hollywood Worldviews shows how meaning is communicated in film, and how we can watch movies with eyes of faith. 

  • Age Level = 12 and up
  • Book Author = Brian Godawa
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = IVP Books
  • Copyright = c2002
  • Edition = 2nd
  • Grade Level = 7th and up

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