Home in the Woods

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Home in the Woods 

Eliza Wheeler’s gorgeously illustrated book tells the story of what happens when six-year-old Marvel, her seven siblings, and their mom must start all over again after their father has died. Deep in the woods of Wisconsin they find a tar-paper shack. It doesn’t seem like much of a home, but they soon start seeing what it could be. During their first year it’s a struggle to maintain the shack and make sure they have enough to eat. But each season also brings its own delights and blessings–and the children always find a way to have fun. Most importantly, the family finds immense joy in being together, surrounded by nature. And slowly, their little shack starts feeling like a true home–warm, bright, and filled up with love.

  • Age Level = 5-12
  • Book Author = Eliza Wheeler
  • Book Material = Hardback
  • Book Publisher = Nancy Paulsen Books
  • Book Series = Beautiful Feet Bks
  • Copyright = c2019
  • Grade Level = Primary
  • Condition = New

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