Indian Tribes of North America Coloring Book

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Indian Tribes of North America Coloring Book

This book contains 38 carefully researched, accurately drawn illustrations of the aboriginal inhabitants of North America, ranging from the Seminole of Florida to the Chilkat of Alaska. Other tribes represented include the Pequot, Mohawk, Iroquois, Seneca, Crow, Cree, Cherokee, Choctaw, Huron, and many more.
Chiefs, warriors, women, and children are shown in authentic costume among tepees, pueblos, and other traditional dwellings; many are depicted hunting, making war, dancing, and cooking. Detailed renderings recreate their weapons (knives, clubs, axes, bows and arrows, etc.), basketry, masks, canoes, and sleds.
Ideal as an educational resource (and an invaluable source of royalty-free illustration as well), this coloring book also offers hours of stimulating entertainment to anyone who desires to recapture the color and drama of Indian life.
Dover Original. 

  • Age Level = 5 and up
  • Book Author = Peter F. Copeland
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Dover Publications
  • Copyright = c1990
  • Edition = 2019
  • Grade Level = Elementary
  • Illustrator = Peter F. Copeland
  • Condition = New

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