Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics Teacher Book

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Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics Teacher Book

Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics has been written in response to frequent requests from our customers for instruction in punctuation, capitalization, and usage designed for children younger than those who are in the third “season” of Analytical Grammar. Many punctuation rules are based on a knowledge of advanced grammar, such as is covered in the second “season” of Analytical Grammar; however, we have pulled together those punctuation, capitalization, and usage rules which students with a thorough understanding of basic grammar can comprehend.

Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanicsconsists of 15 week-long units and is recommended for students who have completed either Junior Analytical Grammar or the equivalent.

Our junior versions are a gentle, easy introduction to the concepts of English grammar, punctuation, and usage. They are straightforward to teach and fun for both teacher and student.

We also have DVD companions to use with Junior Analytical Grammar and Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics. These will feature Erin and Robin teaching the lessons and practicing with a few sentences from each unit. The DVDs will be a big help for those who either don’t have the time or feel they don’t have the background to teach AG on their own.

The Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics Teacher Book includes teacher instruction, notes, complete answer key and student note pages.

Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics Teacher Book ONLY, for use with Junior Analytical Grammar Mechanics program. You will need both the Teacher Book and Student Workbook for the program.

  • Age Level = 8-11
  • Book Author = Robin Finley
  • Book Publisher = Analytical Grammar
  • Copyright = c2010
  • Grade Level = 3-5
  • Condition = New

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