Latin for Littles Volume 1: Things Around Me

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Latin for Littles Volume 1: Things Around Me

This unique Latin book is meant for very young children.  Able to be used as young as ....well as young as you can read to them.  Suggested for kindergarten but can be used by many other grade levels.  Each week two familiar words are introduced: things like the numbers one through ten, and words like mother, father, house, tree and of course lots of others.  The words are given in English, then Latin with a phonetic pronunciation that mom will find easy to read and say. The youngsters are asked to say words after mom, then do matching. There are original illustrations all the way through the book to keep the kids attention focused and to help them remember the vocabulary.  Coloring is encouraged but of course not required.  Enjoy as you learn! 

  • Age Level = 5 and up
  • Book Author = Mary Ellen Tedrow-Wynn
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Laurelwood Books
  • Copyright = c2019
  • Grade Level = Elementary
  • Illustrator = Annie Gange

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