Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra Expanded Edition

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Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra

ind out about...
• Romance! How little kids meet each other on the bus
• Cuisine! What pie you shouldn't order . . . unless you're rich
• Travel! Parts of Kansas you've never been to
• Fashion! Hairless anteriors and gold chains
• Music! The newest hit "Unselfish Love" by accordionist Rockin' Rita, age 4

while learning all of advanced algebra.

The Expanded Edition of Advanced Algebra contains the contents of the original version plus the discontinued Companion Guide. It also has all of the answers worked out in full. Laid out in 108 daily lessons, this hard cover text covers everything you need for 2nd year highschool Algebra.

If you are jumping into Life of Fred Advanced Algebra from any other math curriculum, we highly recommend that you consider going through the Life of Fred Beginning Algebra first. The Beginning Algebra book will provide the foundation needed to be successful with Life of Fred Advanced Algebra.


  • Age Level = 15 and up
  • Book Author = Stanley F. Schmidt
  • Book Material = Hardback
  • Book Publisher = Polka Dot Publishing
  • Book Series = Life of Fred
  • Copyright = c2015
  • Grade Level = High School
  • Condition = New

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