Life of Fred: ICE CREAM

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Life of Fred: ICE CREAM

This book covers beginning mathematics including . . .

  • The Big Question in Arithmetic
  • Multiplying Two-digit Numbers
  • A Pound of Hamburger Weighs More Than a Pound of Gold
  • The Last Ten Multiplication Facts
  • How to Remember 7X8 = 56
  • Sigma Notation
  • Subtracting 12 oz. from 15 lbs.
  • Bar Graph
  • Ordered Pairs
  • Elapsed Time
  • First and Second Coordinates
  • Why Algebra Does Not Use the Times Sign (X)
  • The Cardinality of the Set of All Ice Cream Flavors that Begin with the Letter Alpha
  • Minutes and Hours in the Metric System
  • Plotting Points on a Graph
  • Perimeter
  • The One Reason for Mathematics
  • Hooke's Law
  • Slope of a Line
  • Estimating Using Graphs
  • Changing the Scale on a Graph
  • Counting Back Change
  • The Commutativity of Set Union
  • Less Than (<) and Greater Than (>)
  • Area of a Rectangle.

Unlike all other math programs, this one also teaches about:
• One Use of Poetry
• Stationery vs. Stationary
• Bibelots
• Forestland in the United States
• Hyperbole
• Business Letters vs. Personal Letters
• Capitalization in Closing Salutations
• Using Honey Cards
• How to Polish Leather Shoes
• Maps as Seen by Artists, War Historians, Mathematicians, Lovers of Cheese, and Literature Historians
• A Poetical Meaning for "the Land of Milk and Honey"
• Endoplasmic Reticulum
• Finding Cyprus on a Map
• Implicit vs. Explicit
• The Two Major Countries on the Iberian Peninsula
• Why You Can't Find an Ibex in Kansas
• How to Have Ice in the Summer in Kansas in 1843
• Improper Use of Seat Belts
• Why You Shouldn't Park on the Sidewalk
• Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni's Painting
• When Eating Ice Cream Can Be Torture
• Irony
• Liberty vs. Freedom
• Homogenized Milk
• Why Use Soap
• Cryogenics
• What You Can Do If You Have Tons of Casual Cash (the answer: buy graph paper)
• Joe's Stomach Has Only Finite Capacity
• Why Brass Braces Are Better Than Regular Braces

The answers are included in the textbook.


  • Age Level = 8 and up
  • Book Author = Stanley F. Schmidt
  • Book Material = Hardback
  • Book Publisher = Polka Dot Publishing
  • Copyright = c2020
  • Grade Level = Elementary
  • Condition = New

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