Lift Up Your Eyes On High: Understanding the Stars with Tests

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Lift Up Your Eyes On High: Understanding the Starts.


This astronomy text, written from a Christian perspective, helps high school students to unlock the mysteries and wonders of the stars. Helpful review questions and suggested essays are also provided in the text. Help your high schoolers explore the stellar panoply—and discover how the stars originated, their magnitudes, and their divine purpose. Brimming with interesting facts, unique insights on how Christians should observe the constellations, and drawings and diagrams for greater understanding of the zodiac, this astronomy text features review questions, research projects, glossaries, and informative appendixes.

Previously published as The Heavens Declare.


  • Age Level = 14 and up
  • Book Author = James Nickel
  • Book Material = Spiral Bound
  • Book Publisher = Christian Liberty Press
  • Copyright = c1999
  • Edition = 2007
  • Grade Level = 9-up
  • Condition = New

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