Math Lessons for a Living Level K

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Math Lessons for a Living Education Level K

For Ages 4-6

Math Lessons for a Living Education: Level K is a Christian homeschool math curriculum designed to help your student enjoy learning math from the very beginning. Using a captivating story of a twin brother and sister, this full color math curriculum workbook will help your kindergarten student master counting, basic shapes, opposites, and even graphing.

Math Lessons for a Living Education is an award-winning math homeschool curriculum series known for helping students love math. Using the Master Books’ method of education, the grab-and-go workbooks help build confidence at a pace that will not overwhelm your student with the typical “drill and kill” approach. 

  • Book Author = Angela O'Dell
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Master Books
  • Book Series = Math Lessons Living
  • Copyright = c2019
  • Edition = Revised
  • Grade Level = K
  • Age Level = 4-6
  • Subject = Math
  • Condition = New

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