Medieval History Senior

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Medieval History: A Literature Approach for Senior High

Although many people have been taught that the period from 400 to 1522 A.D. was marked by darkness, ignorance, and struggle, this guide will show you that the opposite is true!

Rich period literature will show you that it was a time when people were forming ideas that still impact us today. It was also a time of exciting discoveries, new innovations, and wonderful stories. Reading Beowulf will open student's eyes to the terrors of living under the threat of Viking raids. The Song of Roland provides a glimpse into the mores and ethics of a time where the concepts of chivalry were just developing. The story of William Wallace reveals a passionate love of liberty that we still find heroic today. You will also accompany Marco Polo on his travels through Asia, witnessing sights never imagined by the western mind.

Songs, hymns, and creeds will give you insight into the religious beliefs of people who lived over 1500 years ago!

In this homeschooling curriculum, students will learn about King John, King Arthur, Saladin, Queen Eleanor, Joan of Arc, Shahrazad, Marco Polo, Peter Abelard, Geoffrey Chaucer and many others. They will learn about Martin Luther who revealed a new way to approach God and about John Wycliffe who organized the Bible. Students will read about the life of Columbus, whose voyage to North America changed the world forever. By reading some of the best literature on the subject, homeschooling students will be encouraged to discuss new ideas and social changes.

Links to websites, hands-on activities, discussion questions, mapping activities and much more will bring the Middle Ages to life.

Hands-on activities add depth to the history while vocabulary lists, comprehension questions, research topics, and website links make this both an academically strong study and one that will engage your entire family in stimulating discussions. Our teacher guide provides the structure you want and the flexibility you need to successfully teach this complex time period.

•This homeschool curriculum contains 35 weekly lessons.

•Complete 1 lesson per week for a one-year study.

  • Age Level = 14 and up
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  • Book Publisher = Beautiful Feet Bks
  • Book Series = Medieval History
  • Copyright = c2013
  • Grade Level = High School

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