Missionary Stories with the Millers

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Missionary Stories with the Millers

Thrilling adventure stories of real Christian missionaries for all ages.

A book from the Miller Family Series. Also available in hard cover, and in Spanish.

Experience thrilling adventure as the Christian missionaries on these pages meet witch doctors, disease, drought, hate-filled guerrillas, a Bible thief and killer cats!

Best of all, each one of these stories is based on an actual happening from lives of real people. Follow these missionaries as they respond to God's call. Some of them miraculously escape danger, while others face martyrdom for Christ--but the soldiers of cross always win in the end!

Author's Note

Although the "Miller" family setting is partly fictional, all of the missionary stories are about real people and based upon incidents which actually happened. Many of the details, however, have been supplied by the author's imagination. For example, we do not know if Ato Desta (chapter 7) was singing a song when his would-be murderers were miraculously withheld from harming him; but it is known that the hymn Take the Name of Jesus with You, was one of his favorite songs. I have done my best to provide geographical information and backgrounds of "local color" that are authentic and true-to-life.

    • Age Level = 5 and up
    • Book Author = Mildred A. Martin
    • Book Material = Paperback
    • Book Publisher = Green Pastures Press
    • Book Series = The Miller Family
    • Copyright = c1993
    • Edition = 2009
    • Grade Level = Elementary

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