More Favorites Comprehension Guide

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More Favorites Comprehension Guide

This volume is a continuation in our ever popular First Favorites Collection Series. More Favorites Comprehension Guide provides opportunity for students who need additional transitional reading support. Students will benefit from a bit more time on the basics and a chance to hone their skills while reading good books. This guide offers resources for books in our More Favorites Collection (000701) such as Encyclopedia Brown, My Father’s Dragon and more. The guide includes developmentally-tailored art and writing exercises and activities that will develop valuable comprehension skills in each student. First graders who are ready to move ahead but not quite ready for longer chapter books will benefit from this guide, as well. Guide includes permission to reproduce for both school and homeschool use. 

  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Veritas Press
  • Book Series = Comprehensive Guides
  • Copyright = c2010
  • Grade Level = Elementary

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