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Early American History: a Literature Approach for Primary Grades

This Read-Aloud Curriculum is designed as a literary approach to the study of Early American history based upon the paradigm developed by the 19th century educational reformer, Charlotte Mason.  Mason promoted an approach to education rich in classical, historical and biographical literature for young people.  Beautiful Feet Books is committed to using literature or "Living Books" that will lead students and teachers on a course designed to provide, in the words of Cervanters, "instruction and delight."  The early story of America is unique in all the world.  The faith that motivated the Pilgrims to seek religious freedom in the wilderness of America opened the floodgates for countless others of every religious persuasion to follow.  The determination of the Founding Fathers to ensure the establishment of religious and civil liberty, and the sacrifices they made to do so, is a tale worthy of passing on to the next generation.  It is with this view in mind that the books included in this study have been selected.  We trust this study will lead you and your student on an educational adventure that will truly "instruct and delight."


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