Schoolaid Language Grade 2 Set of Student & TE

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Schoolaid Language Grade 2 Set of Student & TE

This Schoolaid Language Series is designed by Schoolaid to complement the Pathway Reader Series by extending in phonics and reading comprehension, grammar and composition.

Language skills taught:

  • Phonics skills reinforced.
  • Penmanship improvement practiced.
  • Capitalizing sentences, names of people, places, days, months and holidays.
  • Punctuating ends of sentences, abbreviations, initials, greetings and closings of letters, dates, after yes and no.
  • Working with compound words, plurals, contractions, possessives, suffixes, prefixes, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms.
  • Reading respellings and using the dictionary.
  • Dividing words into syllables and listening for accents.
  • Learning the concept of nouns, verbs, modifiers, prepositions, and prepositional phrases.
  • Practicing correct usage of some verb forms.
  • Writing original sentences, letters, stories, and book reports.

    • Age Level = 7 and up
    • Book Material = Set
    • Book Publisher = Schoolaid Language
    • Grade Level = 2

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