Season Afield Teacher Guide for Primary Grades

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Season Afield Teacher Guide for Primary Grades 

Seasons Afield is a Schullandheim approach to primary science and nature study for primary grade students. This German concept to natural science reflects all we hold dear, combining school, nature, and home. Your field guides will direct your studies of the natural world, using picture books to take you on a journey through the seasons.

Explore the outdoor world through observation, learning the science behind your discoveries. You will learn about decomposition and mushroom mycelium; become a tree detective and study the senescence of leaves; practice cyanotype printing to capture the structure of a snowflake; discover the life cycles and habitats of your favorite creatures. You will encounter changes in flora and fauna through fieldwork experiments, guided watercolor lessons, literature, and scientific wonder, while you awaken a love of nature—first in you as a mentor, and in turn, your children. 

  • Age Level = 5-10
  • Book Author = Tami Kruse
  • Book Material = Paperback
  • Book Publisher = Beautiful Feet Bks
  • Copyright = c2022
  • Grade Level = Primary

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