Shurley English Homeschooling Grammar Set Level 4

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Shurley English Homeschooling Grammar Set Level 4
Consists of Teacher's Manual, Student (1/4 writing in pencil), Practice Book and CD.

This level 4 kit covers all eight parts of sentence types; parts of speech including indirect objects; quotations; reference skills; usage including pronoun/antecedent agreement; capitalization including outlines; verbs; pronouns; conjunctions; punctuation; letter, expository, persuasive, descriptive, narrative, and creative writing; figures of speech and writing autobiographies.

  • Age Level = 9 and up
  • Book Author = Brenda Shurley
  • Book Material = Set
  • Book Publisher = Shurley Instructional Materials
  • Edition = Homeschool Edition
  • Grade Level = 4

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