Son of Charlemagne

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Son of Charlemagne

In the year A.D. 781, Carl's father, Charlemagne, reveals that Carl will inherit the throne instead of the oldest son, Pepin. But Carl has his misgivings. How can he accept this honor?

Discover the story of Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great, who united most of Western Europe and was crowned "Emperor of the Romans" by the Pope. See inside his family life, his children's education and his quest to unite Europe.

    • Age Level = 10 and up
    • Book Author = Barbara Willard
    • Book Material = Paperback
    • Book Publisher = Bethlehem Books
    • Book Series = Living History
    • Copyright = c1959
    • Grade Level = 4th and up
    • Illustrator = Emil Weiss

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