The Last of the Mochicans Study Guide

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The Last of the Mochicans Study Guide

It is the year 1757 and the French-Indian Wars are in full swing. An escalating cycle of events begins when British Major Heyward decides to escort the General's daughters through the woods, following an Indian scout. Betrayed by this scout to the Hurons and French, they are saved by two Mohicans and a white scout named Hawkeye.

Thus begins a cycle of war, danger, flight, revenge, loss, and eventually an ultimate sacrifice that will change their lives forever.

Through James Fenimore Cooper's enthralling adventure tale, Last of the Mohicans, students will learn:

Historical Background: French and Indian War.

Author Biography: Learn about James Fenimore Cooper.

Before-You-Read Activities: Essays, mapping, timeline, art, creative writing.

Vocabulary words used throughout the novel, utilizing a variety of activities to stimulate retention and growth.

Literary Techniques: Synonym, foil, anthropomorphism, personification, irony, epigraph, double negative, in context, maxim, comic relief, simile, rising action, foreshadowing, characterization, allusion, flashback, mood, false climax, metaphor, dynamic, static, antonym, compare vs. contrast, juxtaposition, dichotomous, willing suspension of disbelief, soliloquy, cliffhanger, contrivance, structure, protagonist, conflict, point of view, theme, tone, framework, poetic justice.

Moral Lessons and Character Values: Truth, talents, hospitality, love, service, our hearts, friendship, patience, revenge, responsibility, control, judgement, respect elders, we are all created equal, forgiveness, sacrifice, salvation.

Activities and Writing Assignments: War and combat, biographies, messengers, class discussions, descriptive language, multiple essay choices.

Suggestions for Further Reading:  We include an in-depth reading list of more books by the same author(s) and other books that tie in with, or are similar to, Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper.  Movie suggestions included.

All of the unit lessons are written from a Christian worldview! 

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